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Excursions in Berlin

Top 10 attractions in Berlin

Berlin is a city with an unusually controversial and dramatic history. Over the centuries, it was shaken by events of various historical significance, from very insignificant to epochal. Every century has left behind sights that Berlin can be proud of!

1. Reichstag

Arriving at the main train station in Berlin, the first place you should go is, of course, the Reichstag building - the most visited place among tourists! The construction of the Reichstag lasted several decades, and ultimately ended with the emergence of a colossal building with powerful columns, in the style of the new Renaissance. The Reichstag saw the conflagration, destruction of World War II, post-war reconstruction, and finally the unification of the two German states.

2. Brandenburg Gate

The gate was built by order of the German king Friedrich Wilhelm II in 1791. The front gate of the Acropolis of Athens was taken as a model. The bronze figure of the ancient Greek goddess Irena, captured in an antique chariot, is a symbol of peace. The gate was destroyed during the war, and also divided Berlin, Germany into two parts. Now it is the most visited place not only among tourists, but also among residents of the capital: various events are held here - from celebrating Sylvester (New Year) to a general viewing of a football match of the German national team.

3. Berlin Cathedral

The luxurious, imposing view of the cathedral will definitely not leave anyone indifferent - a wide staircase, huge columns. The interior decoration is made up of magnificent paintings depicting biblical scenes, mosaics, bright stained glass windows. Climbing to the observation deck of the dome of the cathedral, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city. It also houses the famous organ of the renowned master Sauer, as well as the burial vault of the Hohenzollern dynasty. The entrance to the cathedral is only 5 euros!

4. Alexanderplatz

This is a huge area , which today is known for an abundance of trading floors of a different spectrum. However, this place in Berlin is also very significant in its history. It should be noted that the square was named after the Russian Emperor Alexander the First - it was a place for various entertainment and trade. Today - there is the railway station of the same name, the metro, the city hall - the Red City Hall, the Neptune fountain, and, of course, the TV tower, which is included in the list of the tallest buildings in the world.

5. Berlin Wall

This wall became an insurmountable barrier between loved ones who, contrary to the policies of the governments, tried to meet and unite. This wall was not easy to divide the city, the country - it divided the world into two camps, communist and capitalist. The wall, as planned, was to become an obstacle for those who wanted to escape from the eastern part to the western sector for a "good life." To date, numerous victims are known - defectors. Today the wall is a graffiti art gallery painted by talented street artists.

6. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The church was originally built in honor of the first German Kaiser Wilhelm. At the time, it was the tallest church in Berlin. In November 1943, Allied air forces almost completely destroyed the building. After the war, they decided not to demolish the church, but not to restore it completely. The destroyed church has become a kind of monument-warning about what war is and what irreparable consequences it carries. The surviving sculptural image of Christ, various restored mosaics, liturgy items are kept here. Organ concerts are held here on Sundays, which you can attend.

7. Gendarme Square

One of the most beautiful squares in the German capital. In the center is the Concert Hall, and on the edges on both sides of the German and French cathedrals. The square got its name due to the placement of guard posts and stables of the cuirassier regiment of "gendarmes". The French cathedral was built to house the Huguenot Protestants who fled from France to Berlin. In 1786, during the reconstruction, an impressive domed tower was added. A little later, the German Cathedral appeared nearby, by the architect Martin Grünberg. All three complexes of the square were seriously damaged during the war.

8. Botanical garden

The garden is considered one of the oldest in all of Europe. It is worth visiting at any time of the year! The history of the garden begins in 1679; it was a garden with pharmaceutical gardens. Today it is a huge area with stunning landscaping . Here you can see 22 thousand representatives of flora - from common flowers to food crops. The garden is divided into 15 rooms, which represent different climatic zones. The territory also has a lake, walking paths, benches. This place will appeal not only to lovers of botany and gardening, but also to ordinary tourists!

9. Victory Column

From the name you can already guess that this building is dedicated to the victories of Germany in military campaigns. At the top there is a sculpture of the goddess of victory Victoria. During the Second World War, the column was not damaged, but after the signing of Germany's surrender, the French offered the allies to demolish it. Fortunately, the idea was not supported. During the Cold War, Elsa was part of the western sector. Today this facility is under state protection. Every day, tourists climb to the observation deck , to which 285 steps will be introduced, to enjoy the stunning views of the Tiergarten surroundings.

10. Olympic stadium

This sports complex was built before the First World War, when Germany received the right to host the Summer Olympics. In 1936, the stadium increased its area several times and was ready to host the next Olympics. Subsequently, the stadium was reconstructed several times. Today, football fans come here for the home games of Hertha Berlin and the German national team. The stadium impresses with its architecture, reminiscent of ancient stadiums. The stadium is a must visit to admire the German construction talent again and again!


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