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Excursions in London

Top 10 attractions in London

London is a fairly old city. It was formed by the ancient Romans in 43 BC. e. and named Londilium. The city developed and grew rich. He gave the world famous mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and other scientists.

лондонский тауэр.jpg

1. Tower of London

The 900 year old fortress remembers almost the entire history of England. At various times, she had to be the residence of kings, a prison, a zoo. A mint and a treasury were located on its territory. Now it is a unique museum complex. In addition to medieval architecture, internal interiors, ancient traditions and ceremonies have been preserved here, old legends and prophecies are still honored.

вестминстерское аббатство.jpg

2. Westminster Abbey

St Peter's Church in Westminster and St Margaret's Church are strictly Gothic. It took several centuries for the masterpiece of architectural thought to become what it is today. The main Anglican church is closely associated with the royal court. Almost all the coronations of English monarchs have taken place here since 1066. The abbey preserves the history of the whole of England; the flower of the English nation is buried here - from kings to scientists and poets.

британский музей.jpg

3. British Museum

In the halls of the museum, you can easily meet a cat in uniform - it is a museum employee and keeper of rarities, of which there are countless numbers. To see all the expositions, you need to spend 3-4 days, its area is 6 hectares. The museum has something to be proud of. The richest collection of Egyptian antiquities is located in London. The gallery stretches for almost 92 meters. Here you can see the Rosette stone, thanks to which it was possible to read ancient writings, a huge number of household items, luxury, a collection of mummies.

букингемский дворец.jpg

4. Buckingham Palace

In August and September, the Royal Palace is open to tourists, and it is an unforgettable personal holiday to visit the crowned person. The tale begins with the royal gate and the ceremony of the guard. The halls of the palace invite you to see the personal collection of the Queen, including the works of Rembrandt, Van Dyck Michelangelo, Vermeer, a collection of porcelain, antique furniture. On a tour of the royal stable, you can see a golden carriage, a transparent carriage for weddings, and if you're lucky, even the royal horses.

лондонский глаз.jpg

5. London Eye

The Ferris wheel on the banks of the Thames is capable of lifting 800 people to a height of 135 meters at a time. It was dubbed the London Eye because from here the whole city is in full view, and can be seen 40 km around. Each capsule weighs 10 tons, is equipped with a seat, a 4D cinema. The creators have equipped the wheel with a unique illumination, and in the dark, the light show will bring many pleasant moments.

башня елизаветы.jpg

6. Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)

The Big Ben Clock Tower has become not only a symbol of London, but the whole of Great Britain. The big bell behind the Big Ben clock gave the tower its name. However, in 2012 it was decided to rename the building in honor of Queen Elizabeth. The Clock Tower boasts the world's largest four-sided striking clock. Inside, the most complex clockwork is located. Sometimes a coin is placed on the pendulum to adjust the time and restore the deviations.

тауэрский мост.jpg

7. Tower Bridge

The bridge was commissioned in 1894. The opening ceremony was attended by Prince Edward of Wales and his wife. An advanced development for that time allowed the bridge to be opened in just 1 minute. Inside the towers, in addition to stairs, elevators were installed. This made it possible for residents to cross the Thames even during the passage of ships. Tower Bridge itself is an excellent observation deck . Great shots can be taken from here. He is very beautiful at night in garlands of illumination.


8. Hyde Park

Hyde Park became famous as a venue for political rallies and protests. The so-called Speakers' Corner officially exists here. Anyone can try themselves as a tribune, defending the most unusual ideas. Parades and processions, city holidays are held in the park. On the territory of the park there is an artificial lake in the form of a snake - Serpentine, a gallery of modern art.

трафальгальская площадь.jpg

9. Trafalgal Square

In the center of the square is General Nelson's column. Cast lions stand around it, fountains are gushing. There are 4 pedestals on the sides of the square. Three of them have statues of the great men of England. The fourth pedestal was first used only in 2005. On New Year's Eve, the main Christmas tree of the country is installed here, which is always sent as a token of gratitude by the Norwegians for their help during the Second World War.

собор святого павла.jpg

10. St. Paul's Cathedral

Under the dome of this cathedral there are three unusual galleries - stone, gold and whisper gallery. The latter is so named because of its acoustic effects. The dome itself repeats the top of St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome and is a kind of London landmark . Brass music concerts are often held here. Today the interiors of the church are impressive with mosaic masterpieces, openwork lattices, sculptures. Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married here.