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Excursions in New York

Top 10 attractions in New York

It is almost impossible to see everything that New York has to offer to its residents and guests, but there are sights to which the term must is applied, that is, they must be visited. New York authorities have developed a new interactive map of the city, which will allow you to explore more than 33 thousand attractions. We have compiled a kind of rating of attractions in New York. We are talking about the top ten of this rating.

1. Empire State Building

The famous Manhattan skyscraper took 11 months to build. During your visit, pay special attention to the lobby, which was renovated in 2009 in its original Art Deco design. The Empire State Building observation decks , which are located on the 86th and 102nd floors, are among the most visited in the world. Skyscraper illumination can reproduce simultaneously nine different colors.

2. Brooklyn Bridge

This bridge over the East River is reminiscent of the history of New York as one of the most innovative cities in terms of architecture. In 1883, when the Brooklyn Bridge was commissioned, it became a real engineering achievement. Today it is visited by thousands of tourists, who have wonderful views of Manhattan and sights such as the Statue of Liberty. Important tip: beware of cyclists trying to avoid crowds.

3. Central Park

One of the largest and one of the most famous US parks in the world, it was designed by architects Frederick Olmsted and Calvert Vox. Almost all landscapes were created by hand. Millions of tourists and locals visit Central Park , with a total area of more than 3 square meters. km. People come here for picnics, sunbathe here in summer, and skate on ice in winter. It also hosts a variety of events such as Shakespeare in the Park and concerts by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

4. Statue of Liberty

Perhaps the most iconic building in New York. In the fall, the statue was closed for repairs due to damage sustained by Hurricane Sandy, but luckily for many, it is now reopened. Tip: Book your sightseeing tour in advance to avoid the huge lines.

5. Central station

The 100-year-old station is visited by thousands of passengers every day, but it is also a work of art. The terminal was rebuilt in the Beaux-Arts style, continuing the tradition of the Renaissance and Baroque, and is equally unique in form and content. The domed decorated ceiling, the famous clock above the main information desk, the variety of ornaments are worth a trip to the station.

6. Museum of Natural History

It doesn't matter if you are more passionate about dinosaurs, gems or anything else, you will be impressed by what you see here. The museum's collection contains more than 32 million copies, only a part of which can be exhibited at the same time. Already in the hall you will be greeted by a huge barosaur, and inside you can explore almost the entire world of dinosaurs . When you get tired of them, go through the floors to trace the history of the evolution of mankind.

7. Staten Island Ferry

The ferry service between Staten Island and Manhattan is perhaps the only thing that is cheaper today than it was in 1817, when the first ferries were launched on the line. Then they cost 25 cents, today the ride is free. These 24-hour ferries are a lifesaver for residents of New York's southernmost borough, but they also offer stunning views from the water . Among them are the Statue of Liberty, Governor's Island, Ellis Island and others.

8. Prospect Park

Brooklyn Prospect Park is a large public park designed by Central Park authors Olmsted and Vox. The park is home to large areas of protected wildlife such as the famous Long Meadow, a 90-acre lawn considered the largest in the United States. In addition, it has its own zoo and its own concert venue.

9. Chrysler Building

The most impressive skyscraper in New York and one of the most famous examples of Art Deco architecture, formerly owned by the Chrysler Corporation, was built in 1930. The triangular windows at the top of the tower, which are illuminated in different colors, create an indescribable effect at night. At the top of the skyscraper there was an observation deck, which was then replaced by a restaurant.

10. Yankee Stadium

The newest stadium of the popular New York Yankees baseball club was opened in 2009. The modern design of the arena with a white stone facade, huge HD-quality scoreboard and cup holders in the stands create comfort and coziness for all attendees of the matches of MBL, North America's Major Baseball League. In addition, the arena is home to the New York Yankees Museum, which contains balls signed by all of the club's current baseball players.



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